Thursday, February 8, 2018

My friend and I were staring down at the puzzle pieces on the table.  The border and edges were finished but there were so many pieces left.  All the pieces looked the same, they were all white.  I sat there in dismay and frustration trying to figure out which piece to pick up.  I tried over and over again to piece them together but was getting nowhere.  Then my friend picked up a piece and carefully placed it in just the right place.  It was a perfect fit.  Over and over again my friend amazed me by placing piece after piece in the correct place.  I tried over and over again to help but could not do it.  Watching me struggle my friend sat back in the chair and watched as I tried to do this puzzle myself.  Surely I could figure this out.  Finally I cried out, "Why are you not helping me, I just give up".  With those words said, my friend began to pick up the pieces  and place them right in there place.  In awe I watched as piece after piece fell into place.

My friend is Jesus.  The puzzle was white because my sins are washed away, clean and pure.  I tried to run my life myself, to fix the problems, and solve life's issues.  Jesus just waited patiently for me to stop struggling to do it myself.  When I gave up and begged and cried for help Jesus showed up.  His timing is perfect and His pieces fit perfect in my life.

How about you?  Let God be take the lead in the struggles of your life.  He does a much better job than you or I can do.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I wrestle with contentment hourly.  Maybe you do too.  We live in a world of comparison and measuring up.  Magazines, TV, internet and even friends are blasting our minds with images of things we can't live without or ways we need to be.  Faster phones, fashionable clothes, a skinnier body, bigger TV's, new cars, and wrinkle free faces.

What's the motive behind all of it?They want us to spend our money to guarantee contentment.  They are saying be discontent with what you have, you need more, and your not measuring up.The fruits of all this is feeling insecure, feeling self conscious and self doubting.

It's no secret, I love purses.  I like colors.  I like compartments, dividers and hidden pockets.  Seeing as ad for a purse with all the things I like and I am immediately thinking when shall I make time to go and get this new purse.  Tomorrow, that sounds good.  There is an urgency to pursue this new purse in the store.  There it is on the shelf with a price tag of $199.00.  Disappointment sets in and a reality check says, "I could bless a lot of people for that."

Now just for the record, the most I have spent on a purse is $35.00.  I can't tell you which one it is, what it looks like, or how many compartments it has.  Probably tells me I did not need it after all. 

We moved to Prescott a year ago and I found it quite freeing.  It doesn't matter what your hair or clothes look like, anything goes.  It doesn't matter if your car has dents.  It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have.  I could have a pig, turkey or chicken.  They still wave or say hello.

Bottom line is measuring up to others or the world, is a prison meant to keep us discontent. The only thing in life we should be discontent with is our spiritual life.  Discontent with the time we spend in God's word.  Discontent with the lack of urgency to get on our knees before God and intercede for others.  Discontent when we miss an opportunity to bless someone or share the message of Jesus.  Discontent when we are not hearing God.

Dear Heavenly Father,
As we celebrate Thanksgiving make us mindful of our worth in your eyes.  Thank you that we don't have to measure up to be loved by you.  Help us to be content with all you have blessed us with and show us ways to be a blessing to others. 

Sorry this is so long.  God placed this on my heart this morning for me to look for areas in my own life that need attention.   HAPPY THANKSGIVING FRIENDS AND FAMILY !!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Last week of December in Prescott

                                    My snow dog.  She has on boots.
                                                   Back yard friends.

 One of the short moments when Jackson was not crying.  He did not like cold hands.

December was so much fun.  The Christmas parade and the lighting of the square in Prescott with Kelley's family was very special.  It was nice to see floats that lifted up the name of Jesus and Christmas carols being sung between the reading of the Christmas story.  "Merry Christmas", was heard everywhere that you went. It was good to have all the family at our house for our traditional chili night and the reading of the Christmas story by Grandpa Burp.  Christmas morning we went over to James and Kristy's to watch the boys open their presents.  Then the weather report said that it was going to snow up north so Charlie and I headed up north to welcome in the New Year in Prescott.  Getting snowed in was great!!!!!!  Jennifer and I watched the fireworks from my bedroom window on New Year's in our pj's  How great is that?

It was an amazing Christmas holiday. There are no words to describe how we saw God move and answer prayers in the month of December.  I am truely blessed to have seen God's children reaching out to others in many different ways.  Can't wait to see how God is going to move in 2013!